Former Bull Jimmy Butler challenges the city of Philadelphia to a fight

Some Friday news coming out of the city of Philadelphia:

Jimmy Buckets is back at it again, basically challenging HC Brett Brown and the city of Philadelphia to give him the rock or knuckle up. Can you blame him?

Since he was traded out of Minnesota where he alpha’d the shit out of every player, coach and owner – Jimmy has been overshadowed in Philly by Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend and JoJo Embiid.

Which brings me to the answer to my previous question – no you can’t blame him here. The Sixers have arguably the best big 3 in the East – yet they sit in 4th place behind the freaking Indiana Pacers.

As a matter of fact, I love this move by Jimmy. Now’s the perfect time to pounce. He’s been there long enough to gain the trust of his teammates. He’s nailed back to back game winning fade-away 3s. Hell, he’s done more for the city of Philadelphia than anyone else on this roster and he’s only been there since mid November.

So why not? They need wins. You traded for the man. Let this man run your offense.

To quote lil bow wow off the soundtrack from the movie Hardball (shout out Cabrini Green):

“Throw me the ball and watch what I do with it” -Lil Bow Wow -Jimmy Butler

Ps – Jimmy already knows the Bears are going to dismantle the Eagles this Sunday and he’s creating this headline to take Philly’s mind off of the impending loss, right?

Pps – what the hell is this @CityOfPhiladelphia?

Italian pork?

Jimmy knows, Beefs >>>>>>>

Stand up for Wendell

What transpired in last nights Bulls game was flat out awful, and that goes in comparison with a year full of secret team meetings, player/coach fights, practice holdouts and a head coach firing.

It’s not the fact that the Bulls got blown out at home to the lowly Magic, but we can call that the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top is the fact that Wendell Carter only played 13 minutes (0pt, 1 TO, 3 fouls). 0-5 shooting. HC Jim Boylen didn’t give Carter the chance to fight through his early struggles… just benched after 13 minutes. What, does Boylen think he’s coaching a title contender? This is absurd – on a last place team, where you NEED to develop your young talent – to bench your young star after 13 minutes.

Making the case for Wendell – he has all the potential in the world. He can be a top 3 defensive player in the NBA down the road. And he has a bright offensive game which incorporates a 3 ball to stretch the court.

The way interim (keep the title, Jim) HC Boylen is using Carter and utilizing his lineup has been nothing short of a steaming pile of trash. To develop your young talent and future star, you NEED to give him early touches and run part of the offense through him. You can’t just watch your young star go 0-5 shooting and pull him out the game. Crushing for a rook. That’s not giving him a chance to develop – and that’s the real issue here. The Chicago Bulls management and coaching development of the “Baby Bulls”.

Rookies like Doncic, Ayton and Trae Young have taken the NBA by storm. The next wave of young talent is here now, and to stay. These guys play real minutes and are given every opportunity in the world to prove themselves. But most importantly, to make mistakes and learn from them.

So Mr. Jim Boylen, if you’re reading this – let the young man play ball or GTFO.


City of Roses

A very emotional return, as Derrick Rose returned to play at the United Center for the first time in years.

What most may not understand is what DRose’s playing career brought to Chicago Bulls fans. You see, before Rose was drafted, the bulls went through 10 plus years (give or take) of mediocrity. You would head on down to the madhouse to see players like Andres Nocioni get into it with a ref. Or Mike Sweetney run his fat ass up and down the court. But when the bulls got that #1 pick in 08 and Derrick came on the scene, the dynamic of the team and the city changed. He brought us hope which was not since felt since the Jordan days. A hope that we could return to perennial championship winning. A hope that ended way too soon. For many young bulls fans – It was like giving birth to your first child, and having that child ripped away from you to be put up for adoption. Derrick’s injuries were a roller coaster
of emotions not only for himself, but for all Bulls fans. Seriously – I think I went from being sad to empathetic to hopeful to sad again, while having some sort of irrational anger towards the basketball powers above that were causing this to happen.

The eventual split up between the Bulls and Derrick brought a sense of relief to Chicago. To have Derrick and his liability gone lifted weight off of our shoulders. We felt like we could finally begin to build our championship team. Fast forward – management and coaching split up, your star player Jimmy Butler was traded, the team and development is not progressing as hoped. The Bulls are in the basement of the league, yet Bulls fans emotions towards Rose now are that of happiness. We’re happy he is back doing his thing scoring nearly 20ppg and shooting close to 50% – even if it is for the TWolves. Having to live through Derrick’s worst years, seeing everything he went through on the court makes us invested. To see him lighting the Baby Bulls up to a tune of 24pts wielded MVP chants in the UC. I can’t remember once in my life when Bulls fans chanted MVP for a player of the opposing team. Ever.

How much does Derrick still mean to this city? We’re invested. He still brings Chicago a sense of hope, but it’s in a different way now. If you love them, let them go. Derrick Rose is Chicago’s, and will always be Chicago’s. The comeback of pooh, we’re all here for it.

The Worst Haircut in all of Sports

When you think of bad haircuts, what do you think of?

The sneaky rat tail?

The luxurious mullet?

Kim Jong Uns perfectly set in place mop top?

All of those are up there ranking with the best haircut trends of the last century… But without further ado, I give you… the worst hair in all of sports:

Are we the only legitimate news outlet that has this on their radar? All these teams out here wining and dining Mr. Machado probably haven’t even cracked the question as to what the hell is on top of his head.

It’s like a mullet/fade combo, with a little shaved patch out in front.. Try this out next time you go to your barber, ask him to hit the forehead with a 1.. but leave a party in the back.

The team that signs him can possibly go from having the best hair in baseball (Harper) to the ratatouille cut.

If this haircut doesn’t scream “I’m going to sign for 300 mil and then gain 100lbs and move to DH” I don’t know what does.

How Gar Forman Stole Christmas


Mr. Grinch

Every Bull in the madhouse liked winning a lot. But GarForman, who lived just east of the madhouse, absolutely did not.

GarForman hated winning! The whole NBA season! Now please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. It could be that his big head wasn’t screwed on just right.

But I think that the most likely reason of all, May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

But whatever the reason, his heart or his shoes. He stood there on gamedays, trying to ruin the Bulls.

Staring down from his skybox, with a sour satisfying frown, At the warm hearted Bulls, who were trying to put on a show for the town.

For he knew every Bull down on the court beneath, was just trying to win a game by the skin of their teeth.

“And they’re trying to play defense!” he snarled with a sneer.“Tomorrow is another 2 hour practice! It’s basically here!”

Then he growled, with his slimy fingers nervously drumming. “I must continue to find ways to keep Bulls winning from coming!”

To Our First Twitter Follower: @fromthe108

BREAKING: We have a follower.

You don’t ever see Woj go in depth about how he values his fans. He’s the John McEnroe of NBA Insiders. Consider us Bjorn Borg in the ’80 Wimbledon finals.

Folks we have our first twitter follower @fromthe108

As promised, we are covering their story:

At first glance, they seem like a bunch of regular dudes who like the occasional cocktail and hot tub sesh… ladies, what’s not to love?

But there’s so much more to this sophisticated group of White Sock wielding men.

Let’s go inside the film room for a second.

Here we have our first twitter followers, 4 best friends, and the guy from impractical jokers (back left):

They’ve seen some shit these past few White Sox seasons between the 5 of them. One could only assume around the 7th or 8th inning on a hot summers day they’ve been close to getting kicked out of their famed section 108 for heckling Trayce Thompson’s .180 batting average.

Collectively, they can put down around 75 miller lights on your average Sunday funday. This guy definitely carries the load in that category:

Good for at least 20 Miller lights

And everyone knows, It isn’t a real party until this one gets the hot tub warmed up:

Hot tub guy

But you know what… these men all hold a sacred bond and it is that section 108. Their loyalty to the White Sox and their community is nothing short of extraordinary.

They’ve even created a social trend of “108ing” which is essentially binge drinking at strange places and times of the day, which to me is just another Wednesday morning.

To the 108 crew, thanks for the follow.

You can check them out here: @fromthe108

MLB Free Agency Deep Dive: Bryce Harper

Ladies and gentlemen you’ve probably heard by now this man is physically not literally MLB’s hottest free agent:

You’ve probably also heard by now that he’s shopping a 300+ million dollar deal in free agency. I’m not here to tell you who will be signing him, although I do have the sources and intel to clearly tell me he’ll be a white sock. 

No, no, no. I’m here to tell you why Bryce Harper SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED with 300 million dollars.

Why you ask?

Well lets take a look, Where is Bryce from?

That’s right.. he’s from Las Vegas

Bryce Harper is from Las Vegas.

You know what else is from Las Vegas? Gambling. You know who else does gambling? My bookie. You know who went 0-12 last weekend with my bookie? Me. The proof is in the pudding.

A quick six degrees of kevin bacon and there is your answer.

Do you see the writing in-between the lines yet? Giving Bryce Harper 300 million dollars will be empowering my bookie and all other bookies out there to skim the pockets of honest, hard working, slightly overweight common men and women everywhere.

And because of this, I ask of you to join me in my campaign: #DontSignBryce