Bulls Tank Nears Completion

With the 2018-19 NBA season coming to a close, Bulls fans will begin to look ahead towards the draft for the next installment of the rebuild. This past weekend, the Bulls locked up the number 4 spot in the lottery – missing the once hopeful bottom 3. Here are the lottery percentages for the #1 pick as they currently stand:

1) NY Knicks (14%)

2) CLE Cavs (14%)

3) PHX Suns (14%)

4) CHI Bulls (12.5%)

5) ATL Hawks (10.5%)

The Bulls still boast a 12.5% chance in the Zion sweepstakes, and a 48.1% chance to land in the top 4 – which is substantially better than years past.

The top 3 is locked in and will be Zion at #1 – Ja Morant or RJ Barrett at 2 & 3. A dream scenario for the Bulls would be if one of these players dropped to them at 4, but highly unlikely. So let’s take a look at possible #4 picks:

Jarrett Culver (6’6 SG Texas Tech)

Culver is a big, physical guard who is directly involved in 35% of Texas Tech’s scoring plays – he can fill a stat sheet. He’s the primary ball handler for Tech, which would provide versatility to this Bulls team. Culver could play with and facilitate a starting roster made up of Lavine/Lauri/Porter & WCJ. We would comp him to Evan Turner in the NBA.

Coby White (6’5 G North Carolina)

White carried UNC this year as a standout freshman. He’s a lightening quick ball-handler and a dynamic scorer. His game is aggressive, but can be too fast at times with turnover issues. We comp his game to De’Aaron Fox.

De’Andre Hunter (6’8 F Virginia)

Last but certainly not least is De’Andre Hunter. He’s a strong, versatile forward who excels on both sides of the ball. His 7’2 wingspan makes him very difficult to score on – and he plays with an intensity on defense that is unmatched at the college level. His game compares to that of Kawhi Leonard.

2 of these 3 possible picks will be facing off in tonight’s national championship game, which makes it a must watch for Bulls fans. Especially if Hunter is matched up on Culver for the majority of the game.

The number 4 spot in this years’ draft is wide open, and will create various scenarios. These 3 should be considered ‘best available’ at the 4 spot, for a young and upcoming Bulls team.

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