The Manny Macha-dough Saga

Sometimes you swing and miss.

Remember back when the White Sox decided to fully commit to their rebuild? Stripping their team down to the bones. A lot of good has come from that i.e. Kopech, Cease, and the modern day Babe Ruth Eloy.

You know what they say, sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. This was the case when the White Sox traded a top prospect in Fernando Tatis Jr for inning eater James Shields. The Sox needed a staple of their rotation during the rebuild who would give them 6+ innings per start, and they found their Edwin Jackson in big game James.

Fast forward a few years…. there is a rare glimpse of hope beaming from the south side. The rebuild is going swimmingly. They have one of the best farm systems in baseball and they’re major players for big time free agents for the first time in forever. Hell, they are THE odds on favorite in Vegas to sign future HOF’er Manny Machado.

Now fast forward to February 19th, 2019. The day the White Sox are brought back down to earth. Business as usual on the south side, they lose out on their guy. Machado signs with the San Diego Padres. Taking a look at what lured Machado to SD other than the 300mil… The Padres bolster the #1 farm system in baseball, possibly the best one anyone’s ever had. Front lined by none other than Fernando Tatis Jr.

So Sox fans, while you found your solace in “Machado turned down more money on the south side”, just remember it was your prospect, Tatis Jr, that sealed the deal on Machado rejecting the White Sox offer.

Let us be the first to welcome Manny Machado to sunny Southern California.

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