BREAKING: Chicago Bulls acquire Otto Porter

Cowabunga Dude!

Ladies and gents the NBA trade deadline is upon us, and our Chicago Bulls have made their first of (hopefully many) moves.

Trading both somewhat homegrown kids in Jabari Parker and Bobby Portis to Washington in return for Otto Porter and his near-max deal. Lets break this down for a moment…

Otto is a solid player and is only 25 years old. On a playoff team, he could possibly be a 2nd-3rd option. On a championship team (remember the goal here) he will be a fringe 4th-5th option as a starter. He will get you 15-20 ppg adding anywhere from 5-10+ rebounds. Otto is a legitimate defender and will cover the 2 or 3 every night — which is exactly what this Bulls team needs. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Jimmy Butler like what we were used to watching in the past, but he is an above average defender at the SF and Guard position – which again, is EXACTLY what we need.

Otto had trouble in Washington creating for himself, and therefore he didn’t get many shots or good looks. They ran their non-post offense primarily through Wall and Beal, with porter being a 3rd option in the backcourt. The Wizards would often utilize Gortat down low on offense, which left Porter out of the picture at most times. Although, 2 years ago the league saw a glimpse of what Wall-Beal-Porter could be when they gelled together. But more recent, Otto was often left without the ball sitting in the corner.

Which brings me to my next point, how will he fit in with the Bulls long term pieces. Otto will compliment Lavine and Lauri well on offense. Porter stretches the floor with his 3 ball, and adds another shooter on offense, which will open up lanes for Lavine and Lauri to create more. He’s a big body and can muscle dudes, which can create more rebound opportunities for Wendell as well. Defensively, Otto is what we need to start with. As I touched on before — he will guard the 2-3 every night, something that Lavine struggles with. He will be a positive add on defense – with hopefully more to come

Time will tell, Boylen will need to find a system that compliments the strengths of the Bulls pieces. A fresh start should help propel Porter and cast him away from the shadows he dwelled in, in Washington.

Sad to say, because I love the guy, but Jabari won’t be missed on the floor. He couldn’t guard, and just wasn’t what the Bulls needed right now. However, we should all be sad to see Bobby Portis go. He has stated on occasion he wanted to be a Bull for life. He brought energy to an otherwise lifeless team. He was fun to watch. He was active in the community and beat up Nico Mirotic. Bobby – thanks for all the good memories. I hope he goes on to sign for a shitload of money next year, and competes on a winning team.

The last thing to touch on is dollars and cents. Otto is overpaid – making $26mm this year, $27mm 19-20 and $28mm 20-21. This is a lot to pay for a player of his caliber. But we dump Jabari ($20 million dollar contract). We don’t re-sign Bobby, who was going to ask for upwards of $16mm this offseason. So while Otto has a large contract, it’s not a crazy amount to take on when you net things out.

I say this on behalf of all of us, Welcome to Chicago Otto. We’re a passionate fan base and we got your back.

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