The Basement Bulls

4 teams are in contention this year for the Zion Williamson #1 pick sweepstakes, although Rj Barrett would not be a bad consolation prize.

The Cavs, Knicks, Suns and Bulls (in order) currently round out the basement of the NBA. Consider these teams the 32 year old bloggers in their mom’s basements who currently have hot pockets cooking high and dry in the microwave.

What makes this year unique will in fact work in the bulls favor – and that being that the bottom 3 teams will have an equal opportunity at the #1 pick in the NBA draft. This helps the bulls A LOT – the Cavs and Knicks are far less talented than our bulls, they currently don’t have the depth of talent of a Lavine/Lauri/Wendell trio. However the Suns are stocked full of young talent yet can’t seem to win a game in the west, which is turning out to bite us in the ass.

So what has to happen for the Bulls to get into the bottom 3 in the NBA?

The Wendell injury helped in that aspect – with him sidelined, professional victory cigar Cristiano Felicio should get all of the playing time he wants down the stretch. Felicio alone should be enough to cancel out the talent gap between the basement Bulls and the hopeless Cavs.

The Bulls need to sell at the deadline. Trade Jabari. Trade Robin Lopez. Sell off all of your expiring assets for cash and start playing the UGLIEST of lineups. I’m talking an Arcidiacono to Felicio fast break. I’m talking starting Chandler Hutchinson, who was playing in the Mountain West just 8 months ago, and sticking him up against grown men.

Did I mention play Felicio?

Keep your eyes on the prize Bulls fans, bottom 3 is where we want to be. And if there is any question as to who you should want in the draft, the answer to that is Zion.

To quote Wendell Carter in a recent interview “He’s a for sure No. 1 draft pick. No doubt about it,” said Carter, who spoke with the media for the first time Tuesday after undergoing surgery on his left thumb. “I don’t understand how anybody can pass up his athleticism, his potential.”

The players know who they want. The majority of the fans know who they want. Hop on the Zion train now.

Zion would be an extraordinary fit for the Bulls and would change the dynamic of the team on both sides of the ball. It would create a high – low post of Zion & Wendell. With Zach and Lauri playing the wings. Now that is a young, promising team you can actually build around.

But from now until April, the only way we lose is if we win. And if we land in the coveted bottom 3, have faith that David Stern will call in a favor and get major market, storied franchise Chicago Bulls PingPong ball to be the first out of the bucket.

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