Bulls Tank Nears Completion

With the 2018-19 NBA season coming to a close, Bulls fans will begin to look ahead towards the draft for the next installment of the rebuild. This past weekend, the Bulls locked up the number 4 spot in the lottery – missing the once hopeful bottom 3. Here are the lottery percentages for the #1 pick as they currently stand:

1) NY Knicks (14%)

2) CLE Cavs (14%)

3) PHX Suns (14%)

4) CHI Bulls (12.5%)

5) ATL Hawks (10.5%)

The Bulls still boast a 12.5% chance in the Zion sweepstakes, and a 48.1% chance to land in the top 4 – which is substantially better than years past.

The top 3 is locked in and will be Zion at #1 – Ja Morant or RJ Barrett at 2 & 3. A dream scenario for the Bulls would be if one of these players dropped to them at 4, but highly unlikely. So let’s take a look at possible #4 picks:

Jarrett Culver (6’6 SG Texas Tech)

Culver is a big, physical guard who is directly involved in 35% of Texas Tech’s scoring plays – he can fill a stat sheet. He’s the primary ball handler for Tech, which would provide versatility to this Bulls team. Culver could play with and facilitate a starting roster made up of Lavine/Lauri/Porter & WCJ. We would comp him to Evan Turner in the NBA.

Coby White (6’5 G North Carolina)

White carried UNC this year as a standout freshman. He’s a lightening quick ball-handler and a dynamic scorer. His game is aggressive, but can be too fast at times with turnover issues. We comp his game to De’Aaron Fox.

De’Andre Hunter (6’8 F Virginia)

Last but certainly not least is De’Andre Hunter. He’s a strong, versatile forward who excels on both sides of the ball. His 7’2 wingspan makes him very difficult to score on – and he plays with an intensity on defense that is unmatched at the college level. His game compares to that of Kawhi Leonard.

2 of these 3 possible picks will be facing off in tonight’s national championship game, which makes it a must watch for Bulls fans. Especially if Hunter is matched up on Culver for the majority of the game.

The number 4 spot in this years’ draft is wide open, and will create various scenarios. These 3 should be considered ‘best available’ at the 4 spot, for a young and upcoming Bulls team.

Eloy Jimenez and the White Sox are finalizing a long term deal

BREAKING: Eloy and the White Sox are finalizing terms to a long-term deal sources of sources tell LeagueOutsider.

Good for the south side. This is EXACTLY what White Sox fans needed after a roller coaster of an offseason. From getting every possible hope up on landing Machado, to having your hearts ripped out by the freaking San Diego Padres – good for you Sox fans.

Locking him up long term will provide breathing room for all parties in the development of Eloy. And if he explodes on the scene, the White Sox get him at a discount rate for his years of service on the south side.

Must we not forget.. this means Eloy will be on the MLB roster come opening day. No more sitting out for an extra year of eligibility.

Dominican Babe Ruth is coming.

Just remember where you were when you watch him put on that White Sox uniform for the first time.

The Manny Macha-dough Saga

Sometimes you swing and miss.

Remember back when the White Sox decided to fully commit to their rebuild? Stripping their team down to the bones. A lot of good has come from that i.e. Kopech, Cease, and the modern day Babe Ruth Eloy.

You know what they say, sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. This was the case when the White Sox traded a top prospect in Fernando Tatis Jr for inning eater James Shields. The Sox needed a staple of their rotation during the rebuild who would give them 6+ innings per start, and they found their Edwin Jackson in big game James.

Fast forward a few years…. there is a rare glimpse of hope beaming from the south side. The rebuild is going swimmingly. They have one of the best farm systems in baseball and they’re major players for big time free agents for the first time in forever. Hell, they are THE odds on favorite in Vegas to sign future HOF’er Manny Machado.

Now fast forward to February 19th, 2019. The day the White Sox are brought back down to earth. Business as usual on the south side, they lose out on their guy. Machado signs with the San Diego Padres. Taking a look at what lured Machado to SD other than the 300mil… The Padres bolster the #1 farm system in baseball, possibly the best one anyone’s ever had. Front lined by none other than Fernando Tatis Jr.

So Sox fans, while you found your solace in “Machado turned down more money on the south side”, just remember it was your prospect, Tatis Jr, that sealed the deal on Machado rejecting the White Sox offer.

Let us be the first to welcome Manny Machado to sunny Southern California.

BREAKING: Chicago Bulls acquire Otto Porter

Cowabunga Dude!

Ladies and gents the NBA trade deadline is upon us, and our Chicago Bulls have made their first of (hopefully many) moves.

Trading both somewhat homegrown kids in Jabari Parker and Bobby Portis to Washington in return for Otto Porter and his near-max deal. Lets break this down for a moment…

Otto is a solid player and is only 25 years old. On a playoff team, he could possibly be a 2nd-3rd option. On a championship team (remember the goal here) he will be a fringe 4th-5th option as a starter. He will get you 15-20 ppg adding anywhere from 5-10+ rebounds. Otto is a legitimate defender and will cover the 2 or 3 every night — which is exactly what this Bulls team needs. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Jimmy Butler like what we were used to watching in the past, but he is an above average defender at the SF and Guard position – which again, is EXACTLY what we need.

Otto had trouble in Washington creating for himself, and therefore he didn’t get many shots or good looks. They ran their non-post offense primarily through Wall and Beal, with porter being a 3rd option in the backcourt. The Wizards would often utilize Gortat down low on offense, which left Porter out of the picture at most times. Although, 2 years ago the league saw a glimpse of what Wall-Beal-Porter could be when they gelled together. But more recent, Otto was often left without the ball sitting in the corner.

Which brings me to my next point, how will he fit in with the Bulls long term pieces. Otto will compliment Lavine and Lauri well on offense. Porter stretches the floor with his 3 ball, and adds another shooter on offense, which will open up lanes for Lavine and Lauri to create more. He’s a big body and can muscle dudes, which can create more rebound opportunities for Wendell as well. Defensively, Otto is what we need to start with. As I touched on before — he will guard the 2-3 every night, something that Lavine struggles with. He will be a positive add on defense – with hopefully more to come

Time will tell, Boylen will need to find a system that compliments the strengths of the Bulls pieces. A fresh start should help propel Porter and cast him away from the shadows he dwelled in, in Washington.

Sad to say, because I love the guy, but Jabari won’t be missed on the floor. He couldn’t guard, and just wasn’t what the Bulls needed right now. However, we should all be sad to see Bobby Portis go. He has stated on occasion he wanted to be a Bull for life. He brought energy to an otherwise lifeless team. He was fun to watch. He was active in the community and beat up Nico Mirotic. Bobby – thanks for all the good memories. I hope he goes on to sign for a shitload of money next year, and competes on a winning team.

The last thing to touch on is dollars and cents. Otto is overpaid – making $26mm this year, $27mm 19-20 and $28mm 20-21. This is a lot to pay for a player of his caliber. But we dump Jabari ($20 million dollar contract). We don’t re-sign Bobby, who was going to ask for upwards of $16mm this offseason. So while Otto has a large contract, it’s not a crazy amount to take on when you net things out.

I say this on behalf of all of us, Welcome to Chicago Otto. We’re a passionate fan base and we got your back.

The Chicago Ball’s

With the NBA trade deadline coming up the rear, the American population is clearing the shelves at grocery stores and settling into their bomb shelters just in time to get hit with that nuclear sized Woj bomb everyone’s waiting for. Twitter is abuzz with speculation coming from every which way about the Brow & the Lakers. Good for them.

We’re here to better our city of Chicago, and just like Mr. Ed Burke – our campaign for the future starts today.

That is the campaign to bring Lonzo Ball and his Father to ChiTown.

Most reading this will think that Lavar ball is toxic. Well so is that diet coke you’re slugging down as you’re reading this. He may be toxic, but we all need a little toxicity in our lives. Here’s our point – is he as toxic as John Paxson and Gar Forman? Has Lavar ever choked out his son’s head coach? We need a man who’s going to tell GarPax to shut the fuck up – and Lavar is JUST the man for the job. Feathers need to be ruffled.

Lonzo would be a great young piece for the bulls. He’s already one of the most athletic PGs in the game, and arguably is up there as a top 10 passer in today’s NBA. With pieces like Lauri, Wendell, Lavine and (insert draft pick here), we need a player like Zo. Not a score-first PG, but a PG who will get the team involved. Who will run the offense through fluid play. A young guy who gels with a young team. Lonzo, Lavine,(Zion/RJ), Lauri, Wendell would have all the potential in the world.

And the added bonus: Lavar will buy beach front real estate inside of GarPax’s heads. Sign us up, Chicago.

Imagine some shit goes down like Zo gets benched for a game for something as dumb as not running Boylen’s sprints after a loss. Sad, but believable.

Now imagine Lavar calling into Stephen A Smith the next day ripping Garpax apart for allowing this to happen. Completely tearing Garpax down from their iron throne of lies they currently live on. Folks we live in the modern age of spin – and with the current conditions, this may be the only way to get out. The only way to get Garpax down from their untouchable spots. We need to will this into existence.

With that being said, we officially announce our campaign for the Ball family to save the Chicago Bulls Organization.

First beef is on us, Lavar.

The Basement Bulls

4 teams are in contention this year for the Zion Williamson #1 pick sweepstakes, although Rj Barrett would not be a bad consolation prize.

The Cavs, Knicks, Suns and Bulls (in order) currently round out the basement of the NBA. Consider these teams the 32 year old bloggers in their mom’s basements who currently have hot pockets cooking high and dry in the microwave.

What makes this year unique will in fact work in the bulls favor – and that being that the bottom 3 teams will have an equal opportunity at the #1 pick in the NBA draft. This helps the bulls A LOT – the Cavs and Knicks are far less talented than our bulls, they currently don’t have the depth of talent of a Lavine/Lauri/Wendell trio. However the Suns are stocked full of young talent yet can’t seem to win a game in the west, which is turning out to bite us in the ass.

So what has to happen for the Bulls to get into the bottom 3 in the NBA?

The Wendell injury helped in that aspect – with him sidelined, professional victory cigar Cristiano Felicio should get all of the playing time he wants down the stretch. Felicio alone should be enough to cancel out the talent gap between the basement Bulls and the hopeless Cavs.

The Bulls need to sell at the deadline. Trade Jabari. Trade Robin Lopez. Sell off all of your expiring assets for cash and start playing the UGLIEST of lineups. I’m talking an Arcidiacono to Felicio fast break. I’m talking starting Chandler Hutchinson, who was playing in the Mountain West just 8 months ago, and sticking him up against grown men.

Did I mention play Felicio?

Keep your eyes on the prize Bulls fans, bottom 3 is where we want to be. And if there is any question as to who you should want in the draft, the answer to that is Zion.

To quote Wendell Carter in a recent interview “He’s a for sure No. 1 draft pick. No doubt about it,” said Carter, who spoke with the media for the first time Tuesday after undergoing surgery on his left thumb. “I don’t understand how anybody can pass up his athleticism, his potential.”

The players know who they want. The majority of the fans know who they want. Hop on the Zion train now.

Zion would be an extraordinary fit for the Bulls and would change the dynamic of the team on both sides of the ball. It would create a high – low post of Zion & Wendell. With Zach and Lauri playing the wings. Now that is a young, promising team you can actually build around.

But from now until April, the only way we lose is if we win. And if we land in the coveted bottom 3, have faith that David Stern will call in a favor and get major market, storied franchise Chicago Bulls PingPong ball to be the first out of the bucket.